I'm Darrien.


An undergraduate study with a Biological Science degree informed my skills to analyze subjects critically and assemble them in a coherent and relevant manner and steered my interests into research driven designs. I developed my skills through Pratt Institute as a industrial design graduate student and a variety of work placements. I also partook in the Global Innovation Design programme, which saw us travel to both UK and Japan to study their particular design strategies.

I've grown a strong passion in human-centered design and how design thinking can help improve the living standards of our communities. I'm in love with big ideas, small details, and new challenges.

Thank you for taking learning about me and my work.

email - darrientu@gmail.com


  • TEAMS Design, Staff Industrial Design — 2017 - Present

  • Airbnb, Industrial Design Contractor — 2017

  • Tomorrow Lab LLC, Industrial Design Contractor — 2017

  • Lead Off Studio, Industrial Design Contractor — 2016

  • INCH Inc, Industrial Design Contractor — 2016

  • Pernod Ricard, Design Consultant — SU 2015

  • RUX Design, Industrial Design Contractor — SU 2014 


  • Pratt Institute, Brooklyn Master of Industrial Design

  • Royal College of Art, London 'Global Innovation Design'

  • Keio University, Tokyo 'Global Innovation Design'

  • University of Guelph, Canada Bsc (Hnrs) Biological Science