I'm Darrien.



Koko is a project with a fellow mechanical engineer that looks at creating a tangible, yet subtle way to notify a long distance partner of presence. We are developing a form that is split into three experiences corresponding to a scale built on intimacy. Light will be communciated via the largest distance, vibration will be delivered through a touch and finally heat is sent when held and squeezed.

As, globally, more relationships become transient and long distance become more common place how can design be used to facilitate presence in a less intrusive way than video and calls? 14 to 15 million people in the US alone consider themselves in some form of long distance relationship. We asked how to bridge the missing physical presence on a day to day basis and the tangibility that comes with it. This project explores the gap in communicating presence physically. Sometimes couples just want to know if their significant other is there and not start a video call or send a text. We looked at how to convey tangible, subtle cues to indicate presence.